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Mainstay of Defense Techniques to Win in Playing Cockfighting

Mainstay of Defense Techniques to Win in Playing Cockfighting

Mainstay of Defense Techniques to Win in Playing Cockfighting – Cockfighting is one of the gambling games that is widely known and even often played by people to be able to generate a lot of advantages and bonuses that have been provided. As we have seen previously that for a fighting rooster, in particular, it must have a good technique in fighting so that the rooster can win the match and become a champion in the fighting cock contest. Even so, sometimes there are fighting cockfighting techniques that can change drastically without being expected at all while in the battle arena. Not infrequently if the fighting cock that was previously superior will suddenly lose and be defeated by the opponent and eventually lose. Everything is determined by how long the fight is done and usually there are fighting cocks whose guts will shrink when fighting for too long.

Running Horse Technique

The technique of this running horse is often misunderstood by most people who are not very familiar with cockfighting. For a Bangkok chicken that has a technique like this, the Bangkok chicken will be tougher and will not be defeated. Most of the Bangkok chickens that have a technique like this is a technique that is passed through the descendants of the Bangkok hen itself. So from this Bangkok chicken it is easier to win the fight. And of course the cause of the defeat of his opponent was fatigue in the face of this kind of running horse technique.

Wing Tap Technique

In this technique, Bangkok chickens tend to use the technique of the wing cistern which tends to hide its head more when inside its wings but only in a state of urgency. And this will leave his opponent confused and wondering why when playing he tends to hide his head on the wings. For Bangkok chickens that have this wing-holding technique, they generally have very strong stamina and can compete for a long time. He will attack when the opponent is confused in finding his head.

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Hanging Technique

One of the techniques used by Bangkok chickens with cistern ngalung is a technique. Which generally takes advantage of the strength in the neck and body weight with the aim of locking the movement of the opponent. This Bangkok chicken will be more likely to bring the neck closer to its opponent than to build sudden attacks. So in a technique like this it will make the opponent difficult. In attack and also very difficult to dodge when hit. Therefore from there the Bangkok chicken will take advantage of the opportunity to attack his opponent by locking the opponent’s neck and making his opponent helpless.

So that’s the mainstay technique in defending Bangkok chickens that will make your Bangkok chickens tougher in the battle arena. By using various types of techniques issued and playing smart. Automatically your Bangkok chicken will be easier to win the match.…